making you look like people should know who you are 🤟🏼📸


Well hey, I'm glad you're here. I'm Jake and I am a photographer (pretty obvious, see image if unsure). I used to be a dancer but fell in love with a camera straight after I graduated and here we are. I just wanted to say that my sessions are SOO chilled out and stress free. Zero trauma; actors and creatives get enough of that. I'll direct and help you but will equally respect you in a truly safe space (which doesn't happen too often). Believe it or not, getting your photo taken can be FUN; I will fully give you a refund if you don't have fun in a session with me. My photos truly speak for them selves - so imagine yourself looking iconic but also having the most fun ever! Crazy right!?


Okay, so the studio is slightly great. Here's a photo of me being a twat and doing a lunge. YES, that's a Sodastream behind me on top of a wonderful rattan unit (thanks Dunelm). Also notice the plants, there's loads of them because that's what people who live in London like apparently. It's just GREAT vibes here! Also, I make the most iconic coffees so please say yes when I offer you one!